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Our end-to-end XML services and solutions for e-Publishing include:

  • Design, development, analysis and implementation of DTD conforming to customer specifications. We also customize the DTD based on requirement and specification.
  • Customized tools and utilities enable seamless data interchange between customer-provided log-files, IMS and the deliverable XML files.
  • Design and development of MS Word based editing and conversion tool for editing and structuring files.
  • Design, development and implementation of Quality Assurance tools and utilities for checking, parsing, validating ML data
  • Development of Tools for XML based technologies – CSS, XSL, XSLT, XPath, XSL-FO, XML Schema, XPointer, XHTML, XLink...
  • Designing templates, EDDs and typesetting in FrameMaker.
  • Inter-conversion and content enrichment from one ML format to another
  • Conversion of tables and generation of tables conforming to CALS standard.
  • Generation of ML based statutory forms delivered as PDF / ML. All our automation and QA
    tools and utilities are rigorously tested. We supplement these tools with meticulous visual quality assurance enabling us to deliver 100% structurally accurate data.

Our ML data is assured for consistency and accuracy with customized scripts. Our generated output will surpass all your expectations – Quality, Schedules and Cost-competitiveness.